Tummy flatter longer: how to decrease bloating and increase energy

FEELING BLOATED? You are not alone

Many people after they eat or even hours later experience that feeling:  stomach ready to explode, intestines pressing against the lower abdominals, major discomfort and lack of energy. This is by far one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have. It literally slows you down because every motion makes it that much more uncomfortable. 


The reason why this is caused is because we are unable to break down certain foods and that results in our gut bacteria trying to do the process for us but in the meantime creating gases that expand our intestinal walls. 



1) Focus on foods your body can digest : This is something you need to evaluate for yourself, cause it varies from person to person, however there are certain foods that are very universal in their ability to cause bloating. 

2) Try to avoid these foods: Generally, foods like Milk, diet coke or other artificially sweetened foods, beer, raw broccoli, Cabbage, frozen food,  some types of raw beans (cooked out of the bag, not canned), chewing gum, gluten foods: such as pizza, bread, donuts and bagels. 

3) Eat these foods regularly: Bananas, cucumbers, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, ginger, peppermint, tea.

4) Supplement: having a digestive enzyme with meals will greatly reduce your bloated feeling. Also supplement with a probiotic in the morning   

ALSO: decrease sodium intake, increase potassium intake (bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, prunes), drink more water, limit stress, have enough fiber but not too much, limit artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, avoid carbonated drinks, and eat smaller meals


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