About us

My name is Gregory. I created DEMIG  with the  vision to design athletic clothing that can be used as a canvas for your best physique.

Through the 15 years of working out, I have noticed that one of the most important elements to increasing results is my ability to visualize my muscles at work. I have worn plenty of clothes that are fitted but make my workouts very uncomfortable. DEMIG has solved that problem for me. I now am able to see all the major muscle groups and not feel restricted. The bamboo fabric is elastic, fits like a glove, and doesn't restrict blood flow. 

My mission is to see many more people view their body as a temple and feel proud to reveal it in a modest, yet aesthetic way.

DEMIG is a brand that can be worn by anyone. It's design is a great fit for the gym but also as casual apparel. I only use the best quality fabrics and you can attest that for yourselves.

I run the business from Queens NY and I have just recently launched in early April of 2016.

Feel free to contact me with any Questions!

Email: thedemigstore@gmail.com

check us out also on Instagram @demigwear @demigstore