High Octane Bone Broth Fuel for Beauty and Muscle

This is a bone broth soup recipe!

If you love magic you will love this!

what? Ok, maybe i sound ridiculous! I have to admit that the reason i am so fascinated about nutrition to the point that I decided to major in it and i can't stop readying about it,  is because I really see it as something magical.

Think about it you ingest a combination of food chemicals and in an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year everything can change. From your body structure, to the way you look, to your mental capacity, your energy, mood, drive, sex drive, strength we talk about everything, it can trickle down to your finances relationship etc. 

Before I go into a rampage about it I want to express that the recipe that I'm about to disclose Is so simple to make, it will take about 10 minutes of your time but the benefits are beyond imaginable. I believe your body will thank you so much that it will let you know immediately about in just a day or two


Ideally this is something you want to incorporate after you do some vigorous training activity. Weight lifting, running, cross training, swimming, gardening etc.

If you are not an active person you can incorporate it as your last meal of the day.



-2 cups or 16 fluid ounces of grass-fed free range bone broth

-shave 3 small turmeric roots and same amount of organic ginger

-1 table spoon of sesame seeds

-1 tablespoon of flax seeds

-1/2 tablespoon of grass-fed butter or coconut butter



In one small pot you put the grass-fed or coconut butter in low heat and wait for it to melt. Then you place the turmeric and ginger and increase the heat a little till you see them simmer. Once you see a little simmering throw in the bone broth, the flax seeds and the sesame seeds. Stir in medium heat and wait a few minutes until you see some indication of smoking. Do not overcook as overcooking will denature a lot of the vitamins. Serve in a bowl and Enjoy!



First of If you are counting calories This bone broth soup will give you just about 200 calories most coming from protein. Due to its high amount of protein, 20-25 grams This is an excellent choice after training to help with muscle recovery and build up. Nevertheless, soup has more beneficial properties than just building muscle. Here is a list of benefits:

Collagen benefits

- The collagen protein in the bone broth helps with the elasticity of the skin, thus it will improve existing wrinkles as well prevent future ones from forming. As from the visual aspect, the better your skin looks the better your muscles will be presented.

-It improves elasticity in the hair, you will experience more shiny less brittle hair

-It makes for healthier faster growing nails.

Turmeric benefits

-Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory root. When you train your body creates inflammation as a response to it being stressed that you need to get rid off. Turmeric will do the job for you, it also helps get rid off everyday inflammation that your body undergoes due to common stressors such as work, relationships, environment etc.

-Helps eliminate free radicals in the blood that cause aging and DNA damage.

-It helps increase immunity and liver function. it is especially good for people that get sick easy.

-It is worth noting that it is also rich in vitamins and carotenoids which help rejuvenate the hair and skin as well.

Ginger root

- The ginger root most notable benefit is that it helps reduce gut bloating and improves gastrointestinal function. I am a firm believer that all disease starts in the gut. ginger is a powerful measure one should take regularly to regulate their digestive process.

-Ginger also helps reduce muscle pain and soreness.


Sesame seeds and flax seeds

-Sesame seeds and flax seeds together they contribute a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

-Sesame contain a good amount of calcium and magnesium vital for healthy bones.

-sesame seeds also contain a good amount of copper which help with the formation of collage inside the body, absorption of iron, making red blood cells and maintaining nerve cells

-flax seeds are the main contributors for omega 3 fatty acids in the form of ALA.

-They help maintain healthy sugar levels.

-Flax seeds also contain lignans a type of plant compound that acts as food for the good bacteria in your colon, helping to improve your gut health.

-The omega 3s help to reduce inflammation but also help rebuild the myelin sheath of the brain and nervous system. 


I hope you enjoy this article. Feel free to share and comment and do subscribe in the home page as I will be blogging and sharing more articles like this. Thank you!



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