How to Get a Summer Body Fast

What’s your goal for a summer body?

Are you looking for a body that you’ll proudly parade around the beach this summer? With summer quickly upon us, time is ticking, but don’t worry, you can do it!


With the right nutrition and workouts, you can work your way into that summer body that you’ll proudly wear at the beach, on the surfboards or just lying around the pool.


What do you need to do? Check it out.


Burn a Lot of Calories


You know you have to burn calories than you consumed, but how?


Multi-task your exercises – look for combo exercises that use both the upper and lower body, not just isolating one part. Combine squats with an overhead press or lunges with a lateral raise. Use both your arms and your legs to burn the most calories.


Focus on the largest muscles in your body too. Don’t focus on your biceps or shoulders. Instead, focus on your back and legs – that’s where the power is at and is what will help you burn the most calories.


Want to kick it up a notch or need more cardio? Try interval training where you do bursts of exercise in the shortest amount possible. The harder you work your body in the allotted time, the more calories you burn.


Stay Consistent with your Diet


You have to burn off more calories than you consume. If you hate counting calories, focus on whole plant-based foods. You need foods your body can digest easily, will give you plenty of fiber, and will create that calorie-deficit you need to lose weight.  


Choose salads, lean meats, nuts, fruits, and plenty of green leafy vegetables. Eat the colors of the rainbow and eat every couple of hours to keep your metabolism up. Don’t let your body starve, but also don’t feed your body empty calories or carbs that turn into sugar and ruin your efforts.


Drink Tons of Water


Don’t ignore your body’s need for water. When you want to lose weight fast, you need water 24/7. Drink ice water as often as you can. Your body needs to work harder to digest it, which helps burn more calories. As an added bonus, ice water keeps your you full, so you’re less likely to mindlessly snack and pack on the calories.


Sleep Well


Your body needs eight hours of sleep. If that means you go to bed earlier, do it. If you don’t sleep enough, your body goes into stress-mode, even if you don’t feel it. This slows down your metabolism and you may even gain weight.


With a little dedication, plenty of nutrition, and lots of calorie burning, you can rock that summer body you’ve always wanted. Don’t give into gimmick diets or trendy phases. Stick to the good old-fashioned burning more calories than you consume and consuming only good calories and you’ll rock that summer body you want in no time.



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