Men in tights: In the gym

OKKK this is a sensitive topic for many men. There is a growing trend of men wearing tights in the gym. Some people like it and some people from what I've noticed despise it.

The Pros:

  • Increased blood flow by squeezing the muscles
  • Allowing to visualize results when training
  • increased knee support
  • Fluidity and flexibility of motion

The Cons:

  • The bulge in the front may cause the wrong attention
  • Men for the most part are not used of wearing spandex type of material so it makes it somewhat uncomfortable
  • It may look like one is trying too hard 

The cons are all subjective.  I personally love working out in tights, my legs never looked better ever since i started. My legs acquired so much more definition and quality size and my body has a better balance because i constantly am able to observe the flow of my body when i train. I do however feel more comfortable when I wear shorts on top of the tights it makes my workout experience so much more enjoyable. The idea of 2-in-1 Leggings of DEMIG actually came about from my experience with wearing legging.


What do you guys think of men wearing Tights?

Feel free to comment below

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