Long Workout Pants (Brown)-(Organic Cotton/Elastin) - DEMIG

Long Workout Pants (Brown)-(Organic Cotton/Elastin)

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The legs are the staple part for an Aesthetic physique. One challenge is trying to find pants that reveal the shape and cuts without taking away from the balance a male physique should have. DEMIG has experimented with a lot of designs and finally came up with pants that fit just right, using the best organic cotton and Elastin that allows for fluidity of motion, extreme comfort and most important Visual clarity, you will be able to see the muscle at work and evaluate the results. The Pants will mold your every move with a stylish lightweight fit. The Compression is very light hugging all the details of the male physique while keeping the body warm

Features: 2 outside deep and flat pockets that are sewn on top of the garment so they don't extend unfashionably to the side. Deep enough to encase any iPhone or galaxy phone. They also has a very flexible waistband with draw cord for extra assurance. They are easy to put on and easy to take off.

Wearing Occasions: Athletic performance, Perfect for the Gym, Classic Physique competitors, Track runners, Yoga training, Pilates, Outdoor exercise, Jogging, Weightlifting, Wrestling, any Sport, Travel and Casual wear

MATERIAL:90% organic cotton 10% elastin
-Super soft engineered to eliminate friction
-It has the proper length and fit. Will keep its shape and stylish look throughout your workout.
-The pants stay put, don't fall up or down when doing a handstand or other inversions

Size waist reference guide Small: 28-33" Medium: 32-35" Large:34-37"

Style: Men's DEMIG Jogger Tights

Washing Method:Machine wash or hand wash in hot or cold water
-Soft and comfortable to wear
-Easy to clean
-retains shape even after multiple washing
-Doesn't Shrink

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Long Workout Pants (Brown)-(Organic Cotton/Elastin) - DEMIG
Long Workout Pants (Brown)-(Organic Cotton/Elastin) - DEMIG