Ab foods-List of top 10 key foods

Simplicity is the key

When it comes to getting lean and seeing your abs not once a year but throughout the year, your diet needs to be simplified.

A good way to do it is focus on a handful of foods that will compose 80% of your diet. We can call these foods: ab foods

A list of 10 great ab foods

1) Salmon

2) Tuna

3) Grilled Chicken

4) Sirloin steak

5) Avocado

6) Sweet potato

7) Jasmin rice

8) Quinoa

9) Asparagus

10 )Broccoli

If these foods compose 80% of your diet choices then you can be sure that a 20% variation will not affect your results as much and it will be easier to get back on track.

There is a saying that "abs are made in the kitchen" and that is certainly true.

  1. learn how to cook and combine these foods in different combinations and you will never get bored. you can add different low sodium spices to make them more flavorful 


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