No Carb Diet - should you ditch the carbs?

To Carb or not to Carb diet?

For every problem there are many possible solutions but there is only one best solution. 

In this article I will go over some of the pros and cons for both a low carb and high carb diet from my own personal experience and research as a fitness competitor, nutritionist and generally someone that values being healthy and lean all year long.


Low carb diet


  • losing body fat faster than carbohydrate diet
  • monitoring your food intake is easier
  • gaining weight is harder
  • insulin levels are more regulated (amazing for diabetics)
  • blood glucose levels lower
  • muscle looks tight most of the time without flexing
  • you do not feel hungry often
  • no necessary need for food measuring, your body throws strong signals of satiety 


  • Limited food choices
  • initially feeling mentally foggy and lacking of energy
  • harder to train heavier 
  • More difficult to put on additional muscle
  • Muscles lose their fullness 
  • the ability to achieve a great pump in the gym diminishes dramatically
  • once you are on it for a long time the enzymes that digest carbs diminish and the slight carbohydrate food you add you can get very bloated
  • limited fibrous foods and it normally leads to some constipation
  • Multivitamin supplementation becomes essential

Carbohydrate diet: this type of diet can only be efficient if coupled with lower protein and lower fat


  • Easier to sustain for extended periods of time
  • plenty of food choices
  • rich in nutrient value and multivitamin supplementation is recommended but not essential
  • ability to train with greater intensity and longer periods of time
  • Easier to put on muscle 
  • you can achieve a great pump 
  • muscle looks fuller 



  • less efficient for fat loss than low carb diets
  • It needs to be paired with cardio for greater fat loss
  • since there are plenty of food choices it is easy to overeat and gain weight
  • you need to measure your food portions
  • you tend to get hungry frequently



After trying both and seeing the pros and cons of both on my body my suggestion is you need to try both in different periods of your life for ultimate fitness. I personally am on a high carb low fat diet for most of my time during the year and for about one month i stay on a low carb diet if i feel i put on unnecessary fat weight, Which I need to lose fast.


Below are some scenarios of stages of life and what you should follow :

You are overweight with body fat higher than 20-25%? LOW CARB

You are skinny with low fat less than 20%? HIGH CARB

You just want to put more muscle and gain strength, regardless of your look? HIGH CARB

You want to lose fat fast and you do not like to measure  food? LOW CARB

There is no way you are giving up bread? HIGH CARB

You have tried everything but you still can't see the last 2 abs? LOW CARB





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