What does it mean to be fit?

What does it mean to be fit?


There is a lot of emphasis these days about aesthetics, and that is cool. Yet what i want to emphasis is that aesthetics is a never ending process and while it is an amazing process it should not be the only result we aiming for. In our journey towards the most aesthetic physique we really need to be in search of ultimate fitness. The ideal body is a healthy functional body that also looks good. In the era where recreational muscle enhancement drugs are booming we can achieve the industry aesthetic standards, and yet that does not translate to ultimate fitness. In...

Muscle men

Muscle men

12 benefits of lifting weights:

1) Muscle fights fat 

2) Reduce depression symptoms

3) Fight osteoporosis

4) Be better at your sport

5) Move with ease

6) Lower diabetes risk

7) Better heart health

8) Better blood sugar control

9) Prevent back pain

10) Improve balance

11) Will make you mentally stronger

12) Better self image